Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bussy Monday Comes to a Screatching Hault

If you visit my site often, which I doubt anyone does, you may have noticed the changes. I redesigned my website and want my blog to match (not match y-match). You may guess what my favorite color is...

I felt very productive yesterday. I redesigned my website, edited my first chapter -- feel a lot better about it (Aaah! that means it's still crap!). So, when I got home, I thought I should continue my productivity. I went into the back yard to dig up the grass where I am going to make an edible garden... that's when I met my friend Natasha, yes that was a comic book reference.

I had already dug several holes to place pots in, but because Houston is coated in gelatinous clay less than 5 inches into the earth, water just collects in the holes. My idea was to dig the holes deeper and dump some rocks at the bottom to allow the herbs and what-not to drain. So as I felt like superwoman getting millions of things done, I hefted the bag of rocks from the side of the wall... that's when I saw her. A Black widow, just hanging out in my garden. I respect spiders, they kill the annoying gnats, and more importantly mosquito's. Because of their usefulness, I refuse to kill them, but at the sight of a black widow, I turn into a little girl. I tossed the bag of rocks at her, secretly hoping it squished her into a gooey stain, and ran (not screaming at least) into the house. I spent the rest of the evening brushing off imaginary spiders and checking to make sure she didn't some how bite me, even though I never took my eyes off her. I'm sure I looked special.

Buuuh, gives me the hee-bie-jee-bies just wring this, and made me brushed several imaginary spiders off my jeans. I'm just thankful we don't really have scorpions in this part of Texas. I think I like them even less than black widows.


  1. Ahh Kelly, you poor thing :P And yeah..I can send ya some scorpions if you like Hehe

  2. No, no. The post says I like scorpions even less than black widows... So please, I beg you don't send any. If I see any suspicious packages from you, I will just send them back (labeled chocolate).