Ghosts is an anthology of stories from members of the Houston Writers Guild.

Is there a ghost in your life? Do you see people who aren't there? We warn you. Don't read these tales when you are home alone. Stories by writers who understand were and when ghosts may bring good or evil to your daily routine. Or sometimes, just a laugh.

My story is called Unforsaken Love. It's a 100 word story of a man's everlasting love.


  Heads Will Roll - a young adult urban fantasy.
Jency Alexander, a not-so-normal seventeen-year-old girl, wishes for nothing more than to live in the shadows, away from the spotlight, but she is having a hard time staying transparent. Recent flares of uncontrollable visions are drawing the attention of Jency’s teachers and pears. Now, she must learn to control her visions or watch everyone she cares about die at the hands of an unknown assailant.

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