Monday, January 28, 2013

We Got a Dog!

For the longest time now, my husband and I have only had the two cats, Rascal and Binx. I absolutely love my fluffy-butt and Rascally-Rabat (yeah I said it). We decided it was time to add a canine to the mix. The cats were looking a little too comfortable, and we like to keep them on their toes.

For a long time now (since about college), I have really wanted a Corgi. My husband on the other hand, has really wanted a Husky since he was a kid. We live in Texas, so Husky's aren't as common, but I set out last week looking for a Corgi/Husky mix. A compromise as a friend said. I had seen pictures of them online and they are adorable (So fluffy I could DIE!). In the end, I gave up on finding a Corgi/Husky mix. But I did find Rita -- Margarita we decided -- A Corgi/Blue Healer mix.

So begins the journey. Friday, I was home sick. My husband picked me up around 4:00 to make the trip from Richmond, TX to Dayton, TX -- a 130 mile round trip... had we not gotten lost. Andy's GPS took him well past Dayton to some random FM road where the houses on that street had cows hanging out in their front yard. We had managed to drive 15 or 20 miles past the animal shelter. So we contacted the shelter, turned around and I used the Google Map's function in my phone and directed Andy to the woman's house from that. Again, we got lost. We were much closer at least, but the dot on Google Maps had us stop in front of a house about a mile short of our final destination.

We finally made it to the shelter/house. Meet Rita and decide immediately, she's coming home with us. Problem. The shelter, because it is a small shelter in a small town in Northeast Houston, was a cash only shelter. We didn't have any cash on us. So we got in the car, and left her behind.

Rita "Margarita"
Ha ha, no I'm just kidding. We turned around and drove another 5 miles to the nearest gas station to pull the money for Rita out of an ATM. Then we got lost again. No joke. We finally made it back to the shelter and pick Rita up. We didn't have a leash or anything to get her in my husband's 2-door Civic SI... so a pseudo leash was donated to us.

We made a stop at my Mom's house on the way home so she and my Dad could meet Rita. Their two dogs were only slightly interested in her, but Rita was more scared than anything. Who could blame her, she had just gone from a shelter in East By God Texas (thanks Grandpa) to a long car ride with strangers then stopped to meet two dogs, who she would not be living with. We apparently were trying to confuse her.

We got home and introduced her to our two cats, who immediately scattered when she entered the house. She made several circles. It was impossible to get a good photo of her to send a mass text to our friends. Then, she spent the evening stuck in our bathroom, because Rascal realized Rita was scared of him. So he placed himself between Rita and the exit to the bathroom.

She meet more dogs the next day at No Label brewery, a local kid and dog friendly brewery. It was like going to an adult dog park. There were dogs of all sizes and kinds, kids of all ages, Music, and of coarse BEER!

We had to leave Rita at my parents house last night (it was really hard) she was jumping at the back door trying to leave with us. Today, she is heading to Kingwood with a family friend who's a vet out there. She will get all of her shots and hopefully Diana can tell us why she's balding on her back.

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